Yes, You Can Learn to Dance!

Celebrating 30 years. Attend 30 classes until January 31st for just $30. Sign up below!

Beginner-Friendly Dance Classes

There’s simply no better way to start dancing than with our introductory offer at San Tropez Dance Center!

  • 30 classes available
  • An average cost of less than $1 per day
  • 30 days of dancing
  • Just $30

Discover a Variety of Dance Styles

Open exclusively to brand new students, our introductory offer will introduce you to a myriad of unique dances, including:

  • Bachata
  • Body Isolations
  • Cha-Cha-Cha
  • Ladies Styling
  • Kizomba
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • And More


What You Can Expect

We understand firsthand that your first few dance classes can be intimidating. That’s why we facilitate a comfortable learning environment where you’re surrounded by fellow newcomers.

  • No need for a partner
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • Absolutely zero prior experience necessary
  • Moves you can use right away

Learn from Top-Rated Dance Instructors

At San Tropez Dance Center, we believe that knowing how to dance isn’t the same as knowing how to teach dancing. That’s why our instructors are skilled in both.

  • Enjoy a patient, easy-going learning environment
  • Seamlessly bridge the gap between individual movements
  • Received personalized support at a beginner-friendly pace

The 5 methods to learn to dance to any style.

At San Tropez we use a well tested methodology to teach dance.

We use this method for every class and distribute it for every lesson in your dance program. Our experience demonstrates that not everyone learns the same way so we adapted each class to deliver the information with each method always looking out for you at the dance school.

1. Learn the pattern

The pattern of each step is taught meticulously so you can learn where to place each foot in sequence with the musical note in the different dance genres.

2. Learn the beat

Place each step to the musical 4/4 pattern. Learn how to count each measure by its whole note, half note, or quarter note benefiting their dance training. In more advanced levels we will cover the eighth note.

3. Learn the lead/follow

In every dance pattern we will teach the leader how to properly guide the follower throughout the step with every measure in the music. We teach the follower how to react to the lead and execute the figure to complete the musical phrase.

4. Learn the combination

In order to be successful on the dance floor we will show you how to develop a series of figures to execute on the dance floor. Learn to apply these on a regular basis and store them in your library of easy to manage dance patterns.

5. Learn the style/interpretation

This is the best part! Each figure has its own swag. We show you several approaches to a move in a different fashion or context. We also learn to interpret the step with variations from the musical note. There’s a whole playground of variations so we make sure to pick out the best to make you shine like a superstar!

To enjoy your new moves, go dancing with your family or friends. When you’re comfortable with your dance abilities, it’s time to have fun and benefit from all of your work. Invite your loved ones to join you at a dance party, dance lesson, dance social, or club. Alternately, you may invite them over to your house for a casual dance party and enjoyable evening.