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Competition and shows

Competition and shows

Go above and beyond! Compete with the San Tropez Studio!

Dance shows and choreographies

Salsa Choreo

Bachata Choreo

Ladies Bachata Choreo

Reggaeton Choreo


Join our dance teams and enjoy showcasing your talent!


Get a personalized training and achieve your goals.

San Tropez offers you the possibility of training one on one with a professional teacher to compete in freestyle (heats) or choreography (showcase).

A competition program will allow you to make your own training schedule. Reserve hours with your teacher according to your availability.

Join the long tradition of champions with San Tropez. We have been developing dancers since 1995! Our teams and choreographies are known for being entertaining, creative, top quality, challenging, technical, and overall A LOT OF FUN!

Amateur Dance Group Choreography Workshop
  • Our students have trained, competed and won in multiple events, festivals and competitions through the years.
  • You don’t need to be a professional dancer to try competition. We have amateur troupes, duos and solos as well as pro-am categories and professional.
  • Competition is one of the best and most fun ways to expand your knowledge and improve your dancing!
  • Don’t hesitate and join the San Tropez competition program!

Tuesday March 1st


A carefully constructed choreography has been designed so that each student can establish a comprehensive foundation and understanding necessary for an effective stage presentation. We will enable dips, tricks, and avanced Salsa moves to an upbeat tune!

Wednesday March 2nd

8pm – Click here to reserve

The Reggaeton beat was derived from one of the most renowned Dancehall “riddims” which is fast and energetic, reflecting the way in which it is danced. This choreography will definetely demontrate all that and more!

Thursday March 3rd

6pm – Click here to reserve

Complete breakdown of footwork and styling, separately and then together. Learn a full choreography, get in a fun workout, and improve your Bachata dancing!

Thursday March 3rd

8pm – Click here to reserve

We will implement different styles in this routine: Sensual, Dominican, and Modern. Not only will you get the chance to elevate your dance skills, but you’ll also develop your confidence and create bonds & friendships with a fun team of people!