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The classes are set up for your success!

We truly believe in building a very strong foundation in our students. here.

The classes are set up for your success!
Here's an outline

  • Level 1- learn the basics (properly)
    This means getting a full understanding of the direction of the steps, the names as well, the timing and rhythm and how to execute on your own and with a partner.
  • Level 2- You have mastered the basics
    and now we teach you how to change direction, connect with your partner, apply your steps to slow and medium paced music, become more aware of your footwork and start to “flow”.
  • Level 3- here we teach you faster combinations
    We continue to work on your technique, posture and musicality, and we expect follows to execute 1.5 turns.
  • Level 4 – hold on to your hat in this level 😉
    Here you start to really feel like a “dancer”! You are thinking a lot less, you can apply styling and rhythm changes to your dancing and you can easily adapt to different partners and speed of music!
  • Level 5 – You now hold your own weight
    and have a solid understanding of the basic steps and timing of any dance, and are able to execute figures with fluidity and control. You are able to incorporate more advanced footwork, turns, and partner work into your dancing, and have a good sense of musicality and rhythm. At this level, dancers are typically comfortable dancing on the social dance floor and are able to improvise and respond to different types of music and partners.
  • Level 6 – You have now reached the advanced status
    our advanced level dancers have a high level of skill and proficiency in the dance. They have a deep understanding of the technique and style, and are able to execute complex footwork, turns, and patterns with ease and precision. They are able to improvise and create their own choreography, and have a strong sense of musicality and rhythm, able to respond to and interpret various types of music. Our advanced dancers are also able to lead and follow with finesse and sensitivity, and are comfortable dancing in a variety of social and performance contexts.
  • Choreography level – You are ready to challenge yourself
    This level is meant to dancers who have at least reached Level 3 or 4. You are taught to be skilled in following and performing choreographed routines. These routines have a higher level of technical proficiency and are able to incorporate complex footwork, turns, and patterns into their choreography. You will obtain a deep understanding of musicality and rhythm, and are able to follow routines that are well-matched to the music with precision and energy. Best of all you get to share this passion amongst other liked minded individuals and develop new friendships.