Latin Dance Training Program

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Join Our ONE-YEAR Latin Dance Training Program!

Hosted by the Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation (CSDC), we welcome seasoned professionals, semi-pros, enthusiastic amateurs, and dance lovers to audition and explore the vibrant world of Latin dance.

We aim to build public appreciation for Latin dance styles and create opportunities for dancers of all ages and levels to network, study, gain exposure, and contribute to the growth of Latin dance.

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Send your application to us at info@canadiansalsadance.com  
Auditions - Latin Dance Training Program
Diva Day (1)

Our Principles

  • Student-Centric: We prioritize student needs and aspirations.
  • Artistic Identity: We support students in discovering their artistic identity.
  • Versatility: We train adaptable, multi-skilled dancers.
  • Self-Trust: We foster self-awareness and confidence.
  • Holistic Practice: We emphasize the connection between knowledge, conscience, and safe practice.
  • Engaging Learning: We provide creative and tailored training experiences.
  • Diverse Instruction: We combine permanent instructors with guest choreographers for authentic learning.
  • Appreciation: We teach students to appreciate and understand Latin dance and choreography.
  • Professional Engagement: We ensure students engage with the dance community before graduating.