Beginner-Friendly Dance Classes

There’s simply no better way to start dancing than with our introductory offer at San Tropez Dance Center!

  • 26 classes available
  • An average cost of less than $1 per day
  • Just $59
  • 30 min. private class with one of our latin dance experts

Discover a Variety of Dance Styles

Open exclusively to brand new students, our introductory offer will introduce you to a myriad of unique dances, including:

  • Bachata
  • Body Isolations
  • Heels
  • Ladie’s Styling
  • Men’s Styling
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • And More


What You Can Expect

We understand firsthand that your first few dance classes can be intimidating. That’s why we facilitate a comfortable learning environment where you’re surrounded by fellow newcomers.

  • No need for a partner
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • Absolutely zero prior experience necessary
  • Moves you can use right away

Learn from Top-Rated Dance Instructors

At San Tropez Dance Center, we believe that knowing how to dance isn’t the same as knowing how to teach dancing. That’s why our instructors are skilled in both.

  • Enjoy a patient, easy-going learning environment
  • Seamlessly bridge the gap between individual movements
  • Received personalized support at a beginner-friendly pace

New Intro Offer

Attend 26 classes over 12 days & 1x 30 min. private class
$ 59 12 Days
  • 1x 30 min. private dance class - 1 person
  • 8 Salsa classes
  • 6 Bachata classes
  • 4 Heels classes
  • 2 Body Isolations classes
  • 2 Tango classes
  • 2 Ladies Styling classes
  • 2 Mens Styling classes
Best Offer