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How To Take Dance Classes In Montreal

Dance classes in Montreal, Do you want to learn the art of dancing? Dancing is an art that takes time and patience to learn. There are several types of dances for you to master, such as the Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-cha-cha, etc. Some dances originate from other countries, particularly Latin America.

Where can you learn these dances? There are two ways you can learn these dances: in a dance class or at home. While doing it at home is good if you want to try it yourself, we suggest joining a dance class.

There are many benefits to live studio classes you should know:

  • You can learn many different types of dances or techniques,
  • You are not by yourself while learning,
  • You can make new friends,
  • A dance instructor can assist you if you do a wrong move.

These are just some of the benefits you will get when joining a live dance class. Do you want to invest in dance classes in Montreal? Before you join, we want to give you information about our dance studio. We will provide you with insight on why you should dance, how much it costs, the dances we provide at San Tropez, and our special introductory offer.

Why Should You Learn To Dance?

Other than staying fit, dancing also helps you in different ways like:

Mental and Spiritual Health

If you suffer from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s, you should try out dancing. Dancing is the only proven exercise that slows down all three diseases. Mental-wise, dancing relieves stress, depression, and loneliness. Dancing gives your brain a steady blood flow. On the other hand, dancing and music can also help you spiritually.

It makes you feel happier and less worried about  troubles in life.

Get Further In Your Dancing Career

Dancers make about $44K a year. Learning different dance techniques, moves, or styles will make you go further in your career. Trying new dances will make you feel accomplished after learning something new.

It Is A Nice Pastime

Much like singing, dancing is a popular activity practiced around the world. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to dance as a career; you should take dance classes because it is excellent if you are bored.

These three reasons are why you should try taking dancing classes. While you can join dancing classes anywhere, you should also take notice of how much they cost.

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How Much Do Dance Classes Cost?

Dancing classes depend on where you go. Most classes cost between $50 to $60, and some cost even a little more. Here at San Tropez, we only charge $24, plus tax. When you spend $24, you will get:

  • The chance to participate in 20 dances for new dancers. The dances include but are not limited to Salsa, BachataKizomba, Lady Styling, and Body Isolation!
  • Our program is good if you are a beginner at dancing and don’t need a partner to join. We also have great professionals.
  • We have the best music and moves that every dancer should learn
  • All in all, we are good for people who are starting dancing

We are one of the cheaper dancing options for dance classes in Montreal. If this doesn’t convince you to join, we will tell you other awesome things our studio provides.

Why Should I Join San Tropez?

We are a brilliant dance studio with professionals. Besides having professionals and being a cheap dance studio, we also teach many unique dances at San Tropez dance school. You can choose where you want to dance or enjoy training classes for special occasions. We provide the following classes:

  • Group Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Classes At Home
  • Classes For A Wedding Ceremony
  • Classes For A Bachelorette Party
  • Studio Rentals
  • Dance Classes For Competition and Shows

Some dances are Latin, while others are from various places worldwide. Here is a list of the many dances we can teach our students in Dance classes in Montreal.

Latin Dances

We provide a selection of dances that originate from Latin America. It is good to take these classes to learn about Latin culture. Here is a list of Latin dances we provide


One of the most common dances in Latin America, salsa, gained popularity in the 1970s in the state of New York. The salsa movements are taken from other Latin dances like Cuban Son, Mambo, the Cha-Cha-Cha, and other dances.


A dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is one of the most straightforward Latin dances that people do. The moves of the Bachata are easy and come in many variations.


One of the dances that started in Brazil, it is also called the Lambada dance. B-Zouk requires a lot of footwork and core movements to master the dance.


The Samba is another dance that is popular in Brazil. You see dancers doing the Samba during parades. Unlike the B-Zouk, the Samba is more upbeat and livelier than the other dances.

We have other Latin dances, but here is a short list of some that you can try at our studio. We also have other dances from different parts of the world or the US!

Other Dances

Here is another list of other dances we provide that might interest you in the dance studio, like hip hop or ballet barre.


The Kizomba is the only dance we provide that started in Angola, a country located in Central Africa. Usually, the dance has people stay close together with a partner while taking slow steps and hip movements.

Men/Women Styling

Both of these dance techniques require hand, arm, body motion, and footwork. We have classes for both men and women that will make both genders stand out while dancing!


A new style in dancing, Heels are primarily focused on posture and balance. Heels bring together different elements like hip-hop, jazz, and funk. This type of dancing is mainly used on special occasions like fashion shows, posing, or burlesque.

There are so many dances you can learn right here at San Tropez! There is plenty more we haven’t discussed, but we hope these dances convince you to join our dance studio classes in Montreal!

How Do I Start Dance Classes?

Right now we are having a special offer for May. All you need to do is go onto our website right here and sign up. We need some information like your name, email, and a message of what you want to learn. Once you sign up, you will be able to learn how to dance throughout the week between May 7th-14th.

You can learn 10 different dances like contemporary dance throughout the week, so sign up now while the deal lasts!

Taking dancing classes is a feasible option if you want to expand your career in dancing. Even if you don’t have a career as a dancer, you could always do it to relieve stress or if you need something to pass the time. Dance classes depend on where you go, but we have the cheapest option around with professional dancers and online classes.

You can also save with our special offer for May. So if you want to know more about the art of dancing, come here to San Tropez and learn the dances we mentioned above!

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